Weddings & Celebratory Events

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Live piano music can provide a beautiful and romantic background to your wedding ceremony

Live flute music can provide a magical and ethereal background to your wedding ceremony

Ruth is available to play as a soloist or accompanist for Weddings, Civil Ceremonies, Funerals and other events on flute, organ & piano or a combination.
Whether entertaining your guests through a drinks reception or dinner or accompanying you down the aisle, Ruth’s versatility means that she can provide you with the music you require on both instruments, with a choice of hymns, classical favourites or pop covers. Ruth offers a choice of high quality backing tracks to accompany her on the flute or you can choose to book her with a live harpist or pianist too, or book her to accompany another musician (maybe a friend) of your choosing enabling you to find music to suit your budget and the space available to you at the venue.

Ruth has over 30 years experience in providing live music for Weddings, civil ceremonies and functions and has played at some of the UK's most prestigious venues including Leeds Castle, Belton House Hotel, Cardiff Castle, Chatsworth house in Derbyshire, Fountains Abbey in North Yorkshire and Woburn Abbey in Bedfordshire.
Capture your story in a romantic song
Ruth composes bespoke songs and compositions for weddings, funerals, birthdays, anniversaries, memorials, valentines days, engagement parties and all other kinds of celebratory events.
When you have taken so much care to ensure that you have chosen your venue, dress, flowers and everything else in order to reflect you and your loved one's unique personality, why would you want to use music that everyone else plays? and what could be more romantic and special than having your own music/song?
You can commission a unique song or composition from Ruth - this could be a custom song to be played at your special event or to be given as a gift.

To do this Ruth talks to you via video link so that she gets an idea of your favourite styles of music. She will ask you about your favourite movies, poems and stories and collect some unique information from you that you would want used in the composition to ensure that it is 'your song'. You may have written some words or a story/poem yourself that could be put to music or you may want to go away and write something yourself!

Ruth can arrange the music so that it can be played by others or perform it for you, or create a recording that can be played at your event. The average length of a composition is 2 1/2 minutes. Please note that the copyright for the music part of the song remains with the composer.

"I would recommend Ruth to anyone looking to have beautiful music at their wedding. I am also a professional musician and hired Ruth to play at my wedding. She did a great job - and I have very high standards when it comes to performance!" Mrs Sarah Green LSO