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Are you concerned about your child's lack of musical progress?

Looking for a second opinion?

Experiencing anxiety about an upcoming examination, concert or audition?

Had a bad stage fright experience and not sure what to do?

Wondering if you could make a living from music & needing some honest professional feedback?

With this exclusive service, you have the opportunity to confidentially share a personal video or audio showcasing your musical performance on strings, woodwind, piano/keyboard or singing.


You will receive detailed feedback and expert guidance from Ruth, an experienced music examiner, professional musician, performance psychologist & ex OfSTED inspector.

This Service Includes:

  • A comprehensive review of your performance, via reaction video offering constructive insights

  • Detailed suggestions tailored to elevate your playing

  • Performance tips and expert suggestions for interpretation

  • Precise note and timing corrections, if necessary

  • Practice ideas to master challenging passages

  • Recommendations for further study and growth

  • Career development tips if required

This Service is Suitable for:

  • Students gearing up for a digital examination, seeking feedback prior to submission

  • Students at any proficiency level, from beginners to advanced

  • Musicians preparing for auditions, festival performances, or concerts

  • Self-driven learners seeking professional guidance on an ad hoc basis

  • Educators or adults desiring expert feedback

  • Parents requiring an assessment of their child’s progress

  • Students requiring specific advice on how to reduce anxiety and handle stage fright

  • Students requiring careers advice

How it Works

  1. Fill out the contact form expressing your interest in this service.

  2. Receive an application form & a quote to commence the process.

  3. Complete the payment, record your video, and share it.

  4. Expect detailed and personalized feedback from Ruth to fuel your musical journey.

Woman Playing the Violin

Upgrade your Musical Performance with Ruth

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