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Performance Coaching for Individuals

Specialist interventions focused on anxiety reductions, coping, self esteem, strategies for dealing with performance anxiety and stage fright

"I actually enjoy performing my clarinet now instead of dreading it for weeks beforehand which is absolutely amazing" Archie

"...working with an experienced top performer who is also a qualified psychologist is incredibly effective ... I can't imagine that many people have that depth of knowledge and experience in both fields..." Sally A.


" It's such a relief to be able to sing without worrying so much beforehand. I don't have sleepless nights anymore and I feel very different - it was very hard work but so worth it. I feel so different! Thank you so much, Jenny E."   

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One-off sessions and longer term work:

​Sessions are usually around an hour and are held either online or in person. A one-off meeting may be enough but there may be a need for ongoing work over a period of time.


On the whole, between one and a maximum of five sessions will give an artist, actor, speaker or musician enough tools and strategies to make very good progress, assuming that the individual puts in the work in between sessions. 


My sessions are totally confidential and I am a qualified psychologist as well as a fully qualified music graduate.


Companies I have been hired for previously include:  Great Ormond Street Hospital, Kent County Music Services, Grampian NHS, Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS, Health Promotion Aberdeen, The Harpur Trust, Bedford, Aberdeen City Council, North East Lincolnshire Council, Nottinghamshire County Council, University of London, Nord Anglia School Improvement Services.

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